Competition is the word we avoid as a person or an organization.

Competition means we put ourselves in fragile positions beaten by our competitor.

I believe competition or threat ia a good thing, competition makes us gives our best value we can be, competition guide us to be more competitive and efficient.

I already see a countless example how less competition makes people or organization become lazy, powerless, slow and finally dies.



Try to respect everyone you meet, you never know the great quality behind them.

They probably a great moms, hard worker, great artist or simply human being.

Try to respect people I believe could create energy to avoid negative think, prejudice, negative talk and it increase their respect to us and finally create strong bond of trust.

Respect, deep within your heart.

With All Respect

An amazing word I found in Pacific Rim movie.

When we need to talk sensitive thing but important, never forget to use this word.

Some times what we said, the sensitive thing, could hurt our partner. But if you let them know for the very 1st time that you’re respect him/her, by explisitly say it. And continue to show it verbally or non verbally during conversation. We could decrease the negative impact and turns it to positive energy to create trust.

The simple mechanism is like a shock breaker inbour car or a pillow for our head, it absorbs the impact to minimize the damage.

In every critical conversation try to use this word and consistently show it that we respect them.

Small Self Sacrifice for Great Collective Result


We often think our team mates don’t do their part well. My recent case is sales department doesn’t update their seller’s visit plans. I ask them so many times but they don’t move even an inch.

My colleague gives me an idea, why don’t we provide which sellers haven’t updated their visit plans to sales department. After we have sent the list of the seller, the magic happens. Seller’s visit plans are flowing in to my department.

I remember the saying: Don’t try to change the world, change yourself first and the world will change accordingly.  

Thanks To : Mr. Alex for his contribution 

Control Corridor


As a person or organization, we want everything to be under control. Of-course important to have control, without control we will drifted by situation, we become the victim, not the actor.

However we must understand that control everything is impossible. In this connected world, we could only play small part from the grand scenario, we might choose the more importan activity, but we must admit that we only play small role.

Simple example, in our life, we could not control traffic jam, we could not control oil price, or simpel thing we could not control how our kid will grow.

The trade off I believe we control the corridore, and let tolerable deviation to happened. This allow us to run faster yet not killing any creativity.

Think twice before you speak

Think twice before you speak is important proverb that I have to remember.

My wrong speech could trouble me very much, It could start unnecesarry conflict, if it heard by the object, It could bring hatred.

The temptation to speak others weakness is always high. I have to manage, otherwise I could loose the people that important for me.

Ssssstttt shut up Bob!! There is a lot of other good thing to speak!

People Development


I believe one of the most important task of manager is People Development. But people development is not the responsibility of manager only.

In the past, to be super manager is possible, that you know everything how your department work. However in Knowledge Worker era, being super manager is impossible, then it will create bottleneck. Why this could happened? Because the capability of human to absorb knowledge is very limited and the change is very fast, no one could follow it.

In knowledge economy era, team member must have deeper technical knowledge, Impossible the manager could match his knowledge, except he is very junior.

Therefore the will to be developed must be from inside the team member, if he has no will to develop, no other else could.

The manager task is to instigate his team member to learn and develop, if the team doesn’t have any will to develop, he/she shall not be developed.

The best way we can do is let them go, to find better place for him to develop.


Trust is the next economy

Minolta DSC

Trust is something that less considered in our economy. Somehow people sacrifice trust for bigger result.

In my oppinion it exactly the same with the fabble of golden egg goose. The peasant slay the goose to harvest the golden egg.

Sacrificing trust will destroy our relationship, that’s make us unable to conduct next mutual benefit trust. Building trust is ultra expensive, by destroying them we have to build it up that needs a lot of effort and cost.

On the other hand, when trust is already build, very easy for us to conduct an productive exchange information, work, or things.

Trust also important to create barrier of entry of new entrant, this makes us have competitive advantage.

But we have to be careful with trust, it is difficult to come but easy to go, our talk and our act could easily reveal dishonest in our-self. We need to be frank with our-self for this matter, don’t try to cheat others, they may cheating on you, but not vice versa. We could walking away.

If you already trusted, doesn’t means you have to be perfect, you may do wrong, but sincere apolologize could help to fix the issue, and the next important thing, keep giving your partner benefit.

On the other hand, according the neuro-scientist, scientist that learning about our brain, trust is creating “love hormone”, known as oxytocin, means creating trust also makes your life more beautiful.

There is a simple old way to create trust, you put yourself vunerable if you unable to deliver your promise. Take that responsibility without any further explanation if you unable to deliver.

Trust is developed trough history, remember that what you do will be recorded.

Isn’t that great? trust turn the economy and gives you lovable feeling.

Therefore if you have to invest, don’t forget to invest in trust, that’s the next economy and it’s good for your mind.

Business with Heart


We often heard that business exist to create profit. However actually the contrary happen, business have to create profit to exist. If it not create profit, it will gone sooner or later.

Creating profit is an selfish activity right? I believe if based on righteous morality, this is a powerful tools to increase the quality life of man-kind.

Profitable Business allow company to create value for it’s customer, it gives benefit to employee through salary, it also give benefit to it’s owner.

Therefore business is by nature creating value for everyone. If you are a kind person, don’t worry that it will destroy your idealism.

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